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You can now swallow a gastric balloon for weight loss. Yes It’s true.

Dr Tulip's Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Hospital Bangalore provides Swallow balloon capsules / pills in Bangalore. Swallow Balloon technology is from Allurion Technologies USA. It induces weight loss by making you feel full / less hungry and early satiety. It is actually a gastric balloon in the form of a capsule which needs to be swallowed. This means no endoscopy and no anaesthesia. Once this swallow balloon pill/ capsule enters the stomach, its position needs to be confirmed by fluoroscopy. This means it is not a home procedure, but needs medical supervision although it may not require hospital admission.

As soon as the position in the stomach is confirmed, this swallow balloon pill/capsule is inflated and left in place in the stomach, where it remains for approximately 3 to 4 months, following which it naturally deflates and passes out through the digestive system. However, the swallow balloon pill/capsule requires to be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise for successful weight loss. We are one of the prominent hospitals for Swallow balloon in Bangalore.

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Swallow Balloon Pill for Weight Loss - TODS Hospital

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